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Would you prefer to join the silent retreat or to join the adventures group of travelers? Would you like to taste local specialties? Would you like to experience something new and exciting? Would you like to meet the same-minded people?



Our task is to take you on a journey that suits your specific lifestyle. Our goal is to connect travellers with other travellers, travellers with locals, and travellers with themself. So, if you choose to travel with style, travel with us – travel with Konoko Travel Team.

Tell Your Story With More than Words

Actions now do speak louder than words. Trust needs to be earned. Use an opportunity to present yourself in a different, authentic way to the other travelers. Come as a guest, leave as a friend.

Offer Something in Return First

Show the person you want to establish a connection by demonstrating what you can do for them before inquiring about what they can do for you.

Take Your Life to the next level

The most important part of travel happens after an initial meeting with other travelers when you have an opportunity to follow up and start really building a relationship. So, join our Tours and do not miss your opportunity to build new connections.


Thematic Trips

Women's Travel

Join small group tours specially designed for women who want to travel together. Stress-free – we organise tours for you. Feel freedom. Please yourself and be selfish. Discover hidden parts of yourself. Rise above the current challenges in life and rise as a person. Feel more joy, love and support. Share more joy, love and support.

BNI Impulse Sailing Really

Organised for all BNI groups and their guests by Konoko Travel.  Join 1. BNI Sailing Really which starts on October 13. till 16.th. in Sukošan D-Marin. Whether you are experienced sailor or beginner, here is the opportunity to see old business friends and meet new business partners. Is there anything better than sailing into new business projects?

Team Building

Strengthen your teams. Develop new skills of your employees. Invite your business partners on  socialising events. 


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